We make easier for the final customers to visualize the proposed space layout and focus on their needs to understand the space scaling. We can also help you finalise your projects, by doing for you floor plans, elevations, sections etc..

ARCHITECTURAL PLANS FROM SCRATCH: You give us a rough sketch and we’ll transform it into a CAD file.

MODERNIZING, ALTERING, OR RESTORING EXISTING PLANS: We value our clients’ satisfaction above all else, and as such we are more than happy to help you revise your previous project and bring it up to your standards.

One thing we can guarantee you! We’re giving 100% for each project, despite of complexity.

*software we’re using: Archicad; Autocad; Sketchup; Artlantis; 3d Studio Max; Photoshop

3D Visualizations

Whether you need to fill a brochure or website with quality images, or create an engaging marketing suite with animations, interactive sales tools or virtual 360 tours, WOLP Studio ensures a great return on investment.

Maybe you just want to see how your project will look like in 3D? No problem, we can bring your plans to life! A good visual representation of your project will make any sell easier to close!

Types marketing/animations/images/visualization products:
  • aerial views
  • 360° panorama / walk in;
  • 3D floor plans;
  • 2D marketing floor plans;
  • photomontages;
  • sill images;
  • animations;

The 3d perspectives are decisive for understanding and selling the project. It must be enticing, simple to understand and compelling. We are equally happy to be a part of an existing marketing team, or bring on board our successful partnerships of interior designers and creative agencies.


It’s called e-design, remote design, or virtual design, because you don’t need to be in the same state with us, but we can still help you.

Office, residential, commercial - we got you covered!

You give us a moodboard, some designing details and we can translate it into a 3d model textures. We can go through all phases: moodboarding, 3d sketch and rendering.

If you don’t have to do it, we can also choose and combine styles, colors & textures, the furniture and most important, we can give you a final image.

A customized interior design can make certain you get exactly the atmosphere you want – whether it’s a laid-back, casual vibe you want for your home, an air of energy and creativity for your office space, or a store design that will keep clients coming back for more! With the myriad of choices available out there, you need us as your interior designers to make certain you end up with just the right combination of design elements that fits your needs! The harmonious interplay of style, textures, colors, finishes, fabrics – it’s all at our fingertips!

*software we’re using: 3d Studio Max, Vray, Artlantis,Sketchup, Archicad, Photoshop

Home Staging

Home staging is the option to go for when you’re interested in showcasing the best your home, office or retail space has to offer to any potential clients. WOLP can help you create spaces where anyone can imagine living comfortably or working productively. Using our home staging services allows your customers to see the full potential of the space, making it easy for them to feel like they belong there. For you, this means an easy sell and a happy customer!


Let's speak about your next project.

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